Revolt of the Machines? In December 2021, Engineered Arts, the UK’s “leading designer and manufacturer of humanoid entertainment robots”, unveiled its robot, named “Ameca”, on the Internet. Those who saw the video noticed the outrageous “physicality” of Ameca, her almost human behavior and movement.

The video shows Ameca following a hand with her eyes. In this particular case, a person’s finger. The unknown person waves his finger for a few seconds before placing it on Ameca’s nose, with the robot furrowing its brows and looking irritated as it moves the human hand away!

However, engineers at Engineered Arts reassure us: the robot may have mechanical limbs, joints and sensor arrays, but it’s not going to be the Terminator T-1000 any time soon. Arnold Schwarzenegger!

The manufacturing company stated that Ameca does not have Artificial Intelligence. The bot can, however, act as a chatbot installed in a very convincing body. And users can “bot chat” remotely if they wish.

“This is starting to freak us out at Engineered Arts too and we’re used to it!” however they admit to the British company according to the description of the video.