If you’ve ever dated someone who put minimal effort into your relationship, you know how annoying it can be to be the only one who wants to make a relationship work.

Some people barely lift their little finger even if that gesture would be particularly important to you.

If you are tired of this behavior, go out with one of the following three zodiac signs and rest your soul. Cancer, Leo and Capricorn are much more likely to put in the kind of effort you deserve.


Cancers have an innate talent for feeling how other people feel – their empathic skills are automatic. Because of this, a Cancer will be able to understand if something is wrong, if you have something that makes you sad, if you need to discuss something, if you are happy@. He really cares.

They often put aside their own wants and needs for the person they love. Be sure to love the Cancer in your life because he may be hurt by his past and need your love more than he shows.


There is a special aspect to relationships for Leos, but not in a bad way. They like to show others that they are amazing partners, even if no one really notices. He’ll take you out for wine and food on a rough day, and not just in the first few months of the relationship.

The one thing to remember with a Leo is that for them, effort has to go both ways. So give him your love and you’ll get it back.


Capricorns are known for the effort they put into almost all aspects of their lives, and that includes their love life. A Capricorn will put in so much effort that you may start to feel the pressure. They expect a lot from their partners and need them to enter their lives in a meaningful way.

However, this may be “too much” for some people. Only date a Capricorn if you’re ready to follow their lead. If you are not as focused as he is then both of your efforts will be wasted. And Capricorn appreciates and measures his effort a lot.