Let’s start things from the beginning. What is Google Lens in the first place? It is a visual search tool, which is available through the Google App (Android and iOS). And what can you do with it? You can search for anything you see through your mobile camera, either by taking a photo, or by inserting a screenshot, or by long-pressing on an image on a website to display additional visual results. And what you can see, you can also search! Based on this very simple idea, this tool was born, which proves to be particularly useful in everyday life, constantly introducing new functions!

And if you haven’t tried Lens yet, here are some interesting reasons that might help you do so:

  • Because you can learn more about the places you are

If you come across an interesting building or landmark in your area and want to know more about it, then Lens can certainly help you. It can tell you exactly what it is, while providing you with a number of useful links to more information related to it. How; You tap on the camera icon in the search bar (or through your phone’s camera), then select “Places” in Lens and set the camera to “see” the building or landmark. The application will immediately recognize what you are looking at and provide you with additional functions such as “Search Information”, “Save place”, “Share” and many others.

  • Because you can translate labels, menus and more in over 100 languages

Are you planning to travel to another country where you don’t know the language? Again, this is where Lens can help you out by translating texts for you, such as menus and signs that you want to understand. This can be done very simply with the “Translate” function, just by taking a photo or just focusing the camera on the text to be translated, with your mobile phone. Lens will automatically translate the text and overlay the text in the language you want – directly on your mobile screen. So easy!

  • Because it can help you with your school/university courses

If you’re stuck on a math problem, or a history question, or anything else at school or college, then you have one more reason to make Lens your friend. You turn on the “Homework” feature in Lens, take a picture, and the tool will show you various ways on how to solve your problem. Literally and figuratively. In fact, the “Homework” function has the ability to help you solve problems in several languages, as long as you specify the language in which you want the results to be displayed.

  • Because you will do your shopping more easily

And when you “scroll” on your mobile phone, your eye falls on that perfect pair of shoes that you said you wanted to buy at some point. Has this moment come? Use Lens to find and buy more easily and quickly what caught your attention. Just take a screenshot, then select it with Lens and you’ll be presented with a series of options with ways to buy or points of sale. The system works in the same way when you are physically present in the shops and find something you like. A photo with Lens is enough and you will be shown various ways to buy from digital stores.

  • Because you will be able to do multiple and complex searches with Multisearch

Multisearch in Lens helps you combine words and images to find exactly what you’re looking for. For example, through Lens you take a photo of the shoes you like, but you want to see them in a different color. By swiping up you press “Add to Search”, then you add the word “blue”, for example, and Lens will show you similar shoes in the color you have chosen. The app can do the same for various designs – e.g. a nice design you found on a blouse and want it for curtains. You take a picture of the blouse, swipe up, write the word “curtains” – and that’s it!

  • Because you can unleash your creativity

You can upload images alongside text in your conversations with Bard to fuel your imagination and creativity in whole new ways, bringing the power of Google Lens to Bard, starting with English. For example, you can show a picture of a new pair of shoes at Vard that you found on vacation and ask for more information. You can also ask Bard for suggestions on how to tie your sandals for a new look, then continue your research in Search – with the “Google It” button – and discover a range of products in online stores from around the Internet.

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