Alarm has meant to Googleas unknowns attempt to mislead mobile owners by infecting them with malware, using misleading ads for the Google Bard Artificial Intelligence application.

Google announced that is preparing legal measures against fraudsters who are trying to trick users into “downloading” the supposed “latest version” of Bard and other AI tools, with a lawsuit already underway.

It is noted that Google Bard it doesn’t have to “come down”, as it can be found online, for free, at

As The Verge adds, the team behind the scam is believed to be based in Vietnam and is promoting the malware in part through Facebook pages and groups, using even a paid entry on Facebook to make it available to as many users as possible.

How Malware Works

According to the internet security company ESET, malware creators are now very creative. Their “products”. spread through vulnerabilities on unpatched systems, they bypass security measures, hide in memory, or mimic legitimate applications to avoid detection.

However, even today one of the most effective ways to spread infection is the weakest link in the chain – that is, the human factor. Well written emails with malicious attachments have proven to be the most effective and cheapest way to infect a system. One wrong click is enough to achieve the malicious goals of cybercriminals.