There are those days too: The bad ones, the ones that make you not want to get out of bed, don’t feel like trying for anything. Life, however, flows and does not wait for you. Therefore, the best thing for you to do is to find the right way to navigate through these difficult emotions and regain your lost motivation for action and life. For others, this may be a few sessions with a psychotherapist. However, there is also a simpler, easier, accessible and affordable way to escape from the path of pessimism and return energetically to the pursuit of your dreams.

Getting out of a recession requires mainly one thing: A little spark of inspiration. And that spark might be hiding in your headphones, in a good and encouraging podcast playlist. There you will find expert advice, listen to people who share common experiences, difficulties and feelings with you. You can return to these episodes again and again, whenever you feel the need. The Every Girl has collected 10 perfect podcast episodes that will give you back your lost motivation:

  • Mimi Bouchard’s formula for becoming your best self and designing the life of your dreams

This is the ideal podcast for you who want to explore and realize your potential and become the best version of yourself. In this podcast, the host talks with the founder of the Superhuman app, Mimi Bouchard, about the path one should take to find their best self, whether professionally, personally, in relationships and inner well-being. Listening to this episode will not only give you the motivation you need to pull yourself out of a miserable phase, but also a map to change your life for the better overall.

Listen to it if: You’re looking for self-improvement

  • How to get started: Living a healthy lifestyle, waking up early, creating a workout routine, and more

Sometimes, the idea of ​​coming out of a personal slump can feel like a total reset, a total reset to your everyday life. If you want to revise your daily habits, adding new, healthy routines, listen to this podcast. Host Tori DeSimone shares all her secrets to a healthy lifestyle, from how to wake up early to how to incorporate a workout that suits you and makes you happy. Her advice is always encouraging and extremely detailed and will definitely come in handy.

Listen to it if: You want to adopt a healthier lifestyle

  • A guide to getting back on track

Trin Tondelier’s podcast ‘The Wellness Cafe’ has several episodes, perfect for anyone looking to escape the feeling of failure and get back into action with confidence and dynamism. In this episode, Trin talks about how she feels on her bad days and what her plans are to change her outlook and habits and become a healthier and happier version of herself. This episode is ideal if you need to feel like you’re on a wellness journey.

Listen to it if: You want to feel understood and need guidance

  • How to be more successful with less effort, with executive coach Liz Tran

In this episode of The Everygirl Podcast, Josie talks to career expert Liz Tran about how you can make your career dreams come true. If you feel like you’ve lost your motivation for work, listen to this episode, which will motivate you to rethink your perspective and reignite your passion for work and career goals. You’ll also learn how to tap into your “inner genius” and how to be more successful at work, without working harder.

Listen to it if: You’re looking for professional fulfillment

  • Are you the driver of your life or just the passenger?

No motivational playlist is complete without the one and only Mel Robins. In this episode, Mel talks about what it really means to take control of your life. Whether you feel like you’re on the wrong path, or that you’ve put your life on autopilot, this is the episode that will instantly bring you back into a dynamic everyday life, motivating you to make big and important changes that will change your life towards better. This Podcast is the ultimate guide to new beginnings, while always maintaining the calm needed during important transitions.

Listen to it if: You need a push to make a fresh start

  • Joe Dispenza ON: Why stress and overthinking negatively affect the brain and heart and how to change the habits you’ve put on autopilot

When dr. Joe Dispenza and Jay Shetty are working together, the result will definitely be good. Do you feel like you are in a constant cycle of negative thoughts? You are not alone. Dr. Dispenza gives helpful tips on how to get out of this unhelpful quagmire. In this podcast you will find everything from breathing exercises that will help you navigate through difficult emotions, to information that will help you understand that you define your own reality and that you can achieve this through a more positive mindset.

Listen to it if: You want to be informed about science in an interesting and easy way

  • How to build a happy life and not be your own enemy

The Atlantic’s podcast series “How to Build a Happy Life” is full of useful information on how to become happier, gain more confidence, and escape from chaos. This episode in particular will help you let go of your perfectionism and just focus on becoming the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. Here you will find advice from psychologists, which will help you find yourself and conquer happiness.

Listen to this if: You’re being hard on yourself

  • Seasonal Depression and “Winter Blues”

If you’re one of those people who tend to hibernate, this is the perfect episode to escape. This podcast explores the psychology of seasonal affective disorder, explaining how it affects our mood, energy levels, appetite and mental well-being. Presenter Jemma Sbeg then gives practical advice on combating some of the more common problems that accompany seasonal affective disorder.

Listen to this if: You feel like you’re losing motivation and mood during the winter

  • Life Hacks: Strategies to Suffer Less

The “queen” Glennon Doyle has secret ways to escape the melancholy mood and reveals them both in the book and in her podcast. In this episode, Glennon, Abby and Amanda share their life hacks: Little things that make their days a little easier. No matter what you’ve been facing in every phase of your life, this episode will motivate you to get off the path of inaction and pessimism and create a daily life that will be governed by stronger motivation.

Listen to it if: You want to create an easier and more functional everyday life

  • How to get all the satisfaction you need from life with Jamie Varon

Ultimately, escaping any period of depression and pessimism basically means regaining our satisfaction with life. That’s why this episode with Jamie Varon is one of The Everygirl Podcast’s best for this list. In this episode, Jamie shares her own challenging journey to total contentment, addressing the difficulties women face in being taught to stop listening to their intuition, and suggests ways to tap into our most intuitive selves again and how we can all start living more selfishly. This is the kind of episode that will remind you how wonderful life is and how beautiful it can get.

Listen to it if: You want to learn how to find contentment in a world that is perpetually dissatisfied