THE Apple put an end to the construction project electric car, the so called Project Titanabandoning one of the most ambitious expansion plans in its history.

The tech giant announced the decision on Tuesday, sources told Bloomberg to 2,000 employees who worked in that department.

The news was announced by COO, Jeff Williams and the vice president Kevin Lynch, who was in charge of the project.

The two executives informed staff that the decade-long effort to build an electric car was being completely halted, and that many of the department’s employees would be transferred to the unit. Artificial Intelligence under John Gianandrea. These employees will focus on the field of generative AI, which is now a priority for the company.

Apple’s automotive division also employs several hundred car engineers and designers. As Bloomberg reports, it is possible that some of them will be able to apply for other positions within the company. There will be layoffs, but it is unknown how many.

The news caused his ironic reaction Elon Musk. He captioned the news with a goodbye emoji and a cigarette.

Musk is the founder and CEO of Tesla, which Apple would compete with if its ambitious electric car plans go ahead.