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NASA: Coexistence with Russian cosmonauts on the Space Station is smooth


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Two Russian cosmonautsThe engineers Oleg Artemiev and Dennis Matveev of the space service Roscosmosperformed the first of the two space “walks” to activate the new length 11.3 meters European robotic arm that will serve him International Space Station (DSS).

The “walk” lasted almost seven hours and was crowned with success. A second “walk” will follow on April 28 to remove the protective cover of the new arm and check its mobility.

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The arm (European Robotic Arm-ERA), which can carry a weight of up to about 7,800 kg, had traveled to the SSR since July 2021, but so far had not been activated. It will be used to transport heavy objects and assist astronauts in their future work outside the SSC. The operation of the arm can be done both from the inside and from the outside of the DSS.

THE European Space Agency (ESA) made it known that new robotic arm will operate outside the Russian part of the SSR, which has so far not been well served by the two existing arms, one Canadian and one Japanese (Canadarm2 and JEMRMS respectively), as the latter cannot be expanded enough to cover all the outer regions of the Russian part of the SSR.

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The new space “walk” was the fourth for Artemiev and the first for Matveev. It was also the fourth “walk” outside the SAA in 2022.

THE US Space Agency (NASA) assured that, despite him war in Ukraine, coexistence with Russian cosmonauts is smooththe climate at DSS is very friendly and the cooperation is evolving without problems.

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