Apple Stubborn: Sells Parts to Repair iPhone at Home |


Apple has historically opposed users’ right to have their phones repaired anywhere other than its own stores, and until a few weeks ago had software that prevented Face ID from working if customers replaced the iPhone screen themselves or in third-party service. .

Now, in a huge change in its policy, it is introducing the “Self Service Repair” program, which will sell its customers accessories and tools to repair Apple products in their home, even offering repair instructions.

Self Service Repair will launch early next year in the US, before expanding to more countries, while Apple plans to launch with the iPhone 12 and 13 and soon after with the M1 Macs. The user will be able to replace the screen, battery and camera of iPhones using Apple accessories, with other options to follow in a second.

Apple points out that the program is intended for “people with knowledge and experience in repairing electronic devices”, while invites those who do not have any experience in the service to seek professional help. The important thing in any case, is that the repair that you will attempt yourself, does not cancel the warranty of the device.

Apple plans to sell “more than 200 separate parts and tools” and will offer repair instructions that customers can see before purchasing the parts. Prices for parts and tools have not been announced, but Apple says customers will be able to receive a recycling bonus if they return used parts after repair.



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