Horror in the US: She confessed to the murder of her newborn baby – She threw it from the balcony


The murder of her newborn babywhich flew from a second floor balcony, confessed woman from Kentucky USAas transmitted by New York Post.

THE Amber Bowling, pleaded guilty to killing the boy a few hours ago in December 2018 during her trial yesterday Monday.

Bowling, then 21, reportedly placed the crying newborn in a garbage bag which he threw from the second floor of a residential complex in Clay County.

The baby died within hours from the moment of her birth, they stated then officials who handled the case.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Kentucky Police Chief Lloyd Kocran told LEX 18 before the killings were made.

“The mind is confused only at the thought of who may have done such a thing and why,” had stated.

The plot of the case unfolded in 2018 after calling the police to find a dead baby in a garbage bag in front of the porch of an apartment building. A day later, Bowling was prosecuted for homicide.

In the police report, he wrote that the baby he had a skull fracture, had a broken rib and cerebral hemorrhage.

The court sentences against her will be announced on June 27. The prosecutor proposes 40 years in prison.

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