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A new coin for the 40th birthday of Prince William


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The Royal Mint of the United Kingdom has unveiled a new special edition coin to commemorate the 40th birthday of Prince William on June 21. This is the first time the duke, who is second in line to the throne, will be a portrait on an official λι 5 collector coin.

The coin, created by designer Thomas Docherty, features a portrait between the initials W and the number 40. The figure of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by engraver Jody Clark, will is on the other side of the coin with an inscription on the edge: “His Royal Highness (HRH) the Duke of Cambridge (HRH The Duke of Cambridge)”.

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Clare Maclennan, head of the Royal Mint, described the coin “with the elegant design of His Majesty’s portrait with its royal symbol and number 40, a tribute to the prince’s maturity and grace as befits a senior member of the royal family. ». He also stressed: “A devoted husband and loving father of three children.”

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