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“They make me nauseous”: The mother of the French journalist responds to the allegations that her son was a “mercenary”


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Angry answer to Russian allegations that her son, who was killed yesterday in Ukraine by Russian fire was a “mercenary”, not a journalist, was given today by his mother. His mother Frederick Leclerc-Imof characteristically stated that these allegations “cause nausea”.

The allegations were made by a Russian separatist in Luhansk and rebroadcast by the Russian news agency TASS. The French television station BFM, in which a 32-year-old journalist worked, described them as miserable.

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The full text of the French journalist’s mother’s response to the separatist and TASS is as follows:

“Good morning. I am the mother of the young journalist you killed yesterday. Your announcement makes me nauseous. Of course, you cowardly try to rinse yourself off, but know that you will never be able to tarnish his memory. Everyone here knows his professional and personal commitment to democracy, to respect for human rights and, above all, to free, impartial and honest information, concepts that seem far removed from those that guide you. Today, my thoughts are with all the Ukrainian mothers who are mourning their children. With the children of Ukraine mourning their parents and with all the Russian mothers who saw their children leaving soldiers, who will never see them again and who wonder why. At least I, despite my pain, know why my son died. “One day, the real culprits for this stupid crime will be held accountable.”

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The murder of the French journalist was finally mentioned by Emanuel Macron shortly after the end of today’s summit in Brussels. The French president, after offering his condolences to his family and colleagues, reiterated “France’s full support for journalists covering the war in Ukraine from the battlefield.”

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