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Horror in Germany: Baby babysitter raped at least 33 babies and children – drugged them to keep them from screaming


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Shock has been caused to Germany the news that one 44 year old baby sitter caring for young children in Cologne, sexually abused 33 of these, including one newborn just one month old. In fact, it is said to he videotaped his indecent acts and then posted the videos on the dark internet.

The perverted man, according to information, is married without children, offered services through the internet and in this way he came close to his victims to satisfy his sick appetites.

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«I have never encountered such a level of inhuman barbarity and indifference to the suffering of young children, their pain and screams and their apparent fear. And I could never have imagined that“, Said the police director of Cologne, Falk Snaberwho said shocked.

For his part, the prosecutor’s spokesman, Ulrich Bremer, noted that the children he abused, came from his close environmentas the 44-year-old was looking for a job as a baby sitter on the internet and then committing his ill acts in the homes of the families.

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In fact, the parents of abused children they had not suspected the slightest thing.

He sedated the children so that they would not scream
The details of the child rape are shocking, as it is said in some cases perpetrator to seduce children so that they do not scream.

According to Deutsche Welle, The youngest victim was a one-month-old baby, including five other infants, babies and children with disabilities. In total, 33 children have so far been confirmed on his appalling list.

As it became known in the press conference the pornographic material found on his computer have been recorded “The most brutal rapes of babies and young children”.

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