German Press for Greek-Turkish: War in the Aegean would not be the right advertisement

German Press for Greek-Turkish: War in the Aegean would not be the right advertisement

The chances of armed involvement in the Aegean, the “invasion” of the Russians in Antalya and the approval of the Special Fund 100 billion for the German armed forces in the press reports.

A German week in Greece starts in a few days and those with a strong memory will not remember the visits of two senior German government officials to the country in just a few days. There are still very few relevant reports, currently only on informative web pages. In the aftermath of the Greek-Turkish ones, however, Spiegel magazine, in its online edition, returns in detail to the Greek Prime Minister’s communication information attack on the extraordinary Brussels Summit and the fourth meeting with him. Olaf Solts for the latest escalation of verbal attacks and threats from Turkey.

And the author wonders: “Is there a military confrontation in the Mediterranean? Neither Brussels nor Berlin consider it possible that Turkey and Greece will go to war with each other, they would both have a lot to lose in such a conflict. But that tensions will soon Both countries are in the run-up to the elections, although the elections will officially take place in 2023, but they could be postponed for this year. Erdogan should be afraid of being re-elected after 20 years in power due to the economic crisis. Nationalist voters on both sides could mobilize by taking a hard line against their sworn enemy. Hope for de-escalation comes at the moment only from tourism. Both Greece and Turkey hope to reach record levels this summer. War in the Aegean would not be the right advertising“comments the columnist.

“Invasion” of rich Russians in Antalya

Antalya is an attractive destination for tourists, but not only. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, wealthy Russians are buying summer resorts, which is pushing up inflationary pressures. “Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian demand for real estate has skyrocketed,” the German columnist wrote. “For the first time, the Russians are at the top of buyers traditionally monopolized by Iranians and Iraqis. From January to April, 2,687 sales to Russian buyers were completed, more than half of the previous year … Brokers report that rich Russians bring money to insure them, some even come with their families, so Turkey, which wants to maintain good relations with Ukraine and Russia and does not interrupt air travel with Moscow, also offers Turkish citizenship. as an additional incentive, if the investment in real estate exceeds $ 250,000, according to Turkish media reports, however, the limit will be raised to $ 400,000 – inflation does not stop even in the face of citizenship. since they have to calculate fewer dollars and euros for their investment in pounds.

100 days of war for equipment 100 billion euros

It took the German government so many days until yesterday, with an overwhelming majority, to pass the special fund of 100 billion euros for the armed modernization of the German armed forces, something that was unthinkable 100 days ago. Russia’s war of aggression has created a new reality in Europe, said Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock.

The press comments on this reality in all its aspects. “Not only under Chancellor Schroeder but also under Merkel’s German policy was so focused on the peace dividend that the German armed forces went bankrupt,” says the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “In the end came the revealing report of the inspector of the German army with the finding that ‘we ran out of money’. Germany’s rearmament was approved by a large majority. “Putin’s criminal war of extermination makes it difficult for even former pacifists to advocate disarmament.”

The Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung commentator describes the dilemma very vividly. “100 billion euros for ammunition and bombers? So many schools could be renovated with money, so many dilapidated bridges could be repaired, so much more nursing staff could be better paid. he would agree with them… And yet the decision is right, because it is the only appropriate answer to the new reality. Despots of Putin’s caliber can only be dealt with by force. The sad but realistic answer to this can only be the use of deterrent power: the € 100 billion is, so to speak, a security contribution to freedom in Europe, without which even modern schools and bridges would be useless.

Irini Anastassopoulou

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