A cowboy cleverly lassoes a cow on the Oklahoma highway

professional cowboy Ribbon Cow

Only in the United States can you see cowboys running down the highway chasing free cows.

But that’s exactly what happened in Oklahoma on Interstate 40 after the animals escaped from the trailer loaded with cows.

An image from a news helicopter (this is America, remember) shows a cow running between two grassy lanes on a grassy knoll while being chased by a cowboy on horseback.

Kvadvelka comes into view and tries to push the cow around the corner while driving down the road in danger.

This allows the cowboy to catch up and prepare to fight the animals, but he escapes again.

He then speeds up to remove the lasso and throws the lasso over the cow to wrap the lasso tightly.

“Take it, take it, stay there… yeah!” Incredible footage, a man is heard screaming.

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Cowboys skillfully fight cows on the Oklahoma highway

The cow runs between the two strips on the grass verge.

Black Igart, one of the cowboys, told KOCO News:

“We were in the middle of traffic. The cows were headed straight for the interstate.

Kelly Payne, president of the Oklahoma National Stockers, praised the nomads and confirmed that the nomadic cows had left the yard.

He states: “There was a trailer that was transporting cows and there was a problem with the rear door.

“It could have been really worse.”

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