Czech Republic: President Zeman in hospital with coronavirus


Czech President Milos Zeman was taken to hospital again tonight after testing positive for the new coronavirus, his office said.

Zeman, 77, was hospitalized for six weeks for another illness and was discharged this morning. In the afternoon, an ambulance transported him back to the Central Military Hospital, after he was tested for Covid-19 at Lani Presidential Holiday Home, west of Prague, and tested positive.

Due to his admission to the hospital, the president’s program is postponed and he will not appoint the new Prime Minister Petr Fiala tomorrow, as expected.

Zeman has been vaccinated three times for the new coronavirus and according to local media, citing unnamed sources, has no symptoms.

On October 10, Zeman was admitted to a military hospital with complications from a chronic illness. His office never said what exactly the problem was, but doctors said it was a liver disease. He was initially hospitalized in the intensive care unit and the doctors considered the prognosis uncertain. Parliament was preparing to discuss the possibility of removing him from the presidency, but then his situation improved.

Earlier, the hospital announced that Zeman had decided to continue his treatment at the presidential holiday home, despite doctors’ recommendations to stay. He, his family and close associates were informed of the possible dangers and complications, while they were offered to continue the treatment in a specialized medical center.


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