Leonardo reveals reason to wear a tank top at his son’s wedding: ‘Casamentinho’


O singer Leonardo, 58, e a nora Virginia Fonseca, 22, exchanged barbs playfully during the participation of him and his wife Poliana Rocha, 45, in her and Camila Loures’ podcast. He said he wore a shirt at his son Zé Felipe’s wedding, 22, with the influencer because he wouldn’t wear a suit to stay indoors.

Leonardo’s mocking response to his daughter-in-law was after she said he was better dressed in the podcast than at her wedding. “Look at the ‘chic’ of you here and at my wedding [foi] regatta,” said the influencer. The two got a laugh from Camila, who even clapped her hands.

“But in a cheap little wedding like that? My daughter, I was coming from a footvolley. Then I get there, the two of them are in front of a computer – with all due respect – two judges on the other side talking and they’re getting married. You think I’ll go to wear a suit to stay indoors for a weak wedding like this,” replied Leonardo

The singer and influencer got married during the Covid pandemic, in March of this year, at Leonardo’s house. They awaited the arrival of their first daughter Maria Alice, two months after the wedding.

“Definitely a date that I will remember for the rest of my life! One of the happiest days ever! Thank you for being absolutely everything to me”, posted the digital influencer on her Instagram at the time.

Zé Felipe also used his networks to tell the news. “Til death do us part, my love!! I love you so much.” The countryman Leonardo, 57, father of the young man, who appears in one of the records of the ceremony wearing a tank top, was praised by his daughter-in-law.

“You’ll forgive me, but I have the best father-in-law ever. The charisma and simplicity that delight anyone! We love you and your wedding look,” said the influencer.


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