Nelson de Sá: Besieged by the fourth wave, Germans envy Brazilian success ‘despite the negationist’

Nelson de Sá: Besieged by the fourth wave, Germans envy Brazilian success ‘despite the negationist’

From the main ones, like the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, to the regional ones, like the Die Rheinpfalz (cover below, with the “world capital of vaccination”), the German vehicles do not hide their admiration for the fight against the pandemic in Brazil, as they dive into the fourth wave.

It has been like this for over a week, with Der Tagesspiegel from Berlin, for example, highlighting a request by Lula for the Germans to be vaccinated. But now it has become widespread and the FAZ, perhaps the most influential in the country, highlights how “Citizens challenge the denial Bolsonaro”. From correspondent Tjerk Brühwiller:

“Brazil has gone through bad things. Now the light can finally be seen at the end of the tunnel. The vaccination rate is high. And even the denial in the presidential palace was unable to avoid it.”

Under the title “Brazil looks astonished at German chaos”, in Der Spiegel magazine, correspondent Nicola Abé highlighted a scene witnessed and described in social media by a colleague:

“A little bar in São Paulo. Two men are sitting, drinking beer. There is a report on TV about the dramatic situation of the coronavirus in Germany. One of them asks incredulously: ‘In Germany, is it really?’ crazy people don’t get vaccinated’.”

Trying to raise “what Germany can learn”, Der Spiegel cites several reasons, to conclude that, “above all, Brazilians can attribute success to themselves: Like almost no other population in the world, they trust vaccines” .

Throughout the coverage, are headlines like “A victory for science” and “The success of vaccination that Germany can only dream of”, both in the Die Welt newspaper, and “Thus changes the tide” and “The miracle of Brazil — despite Bolsonaro”, on the T-online and portals.


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