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British Army Chief for Russia: Preparing for War to Avoid It


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“We are not at war,” he said.

War preparationsso that he could eventually avoid it, the young man recommended commander of the British army on the sidelines Russian threat.

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The British military must prepare to face the Russian threat to security in Europe, a threat that is even greater after the invasion of Ukraine, said today the new commander of the British army, Patrick Saunders.

«We are not at war“, but “we must act quickly to avoid war because we have not been able to limit territorial expansion“, Compared to the situation that prevailed in 1937 shortly before the Second World War against Nazi Germany.

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Speaking at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) think tank earlier this June, he said it was “dangerous” to assume that Russian aggression would end with Ukraine: “Russia “It will be a greater threat to European security after Ukraine than before.”

“The Russian invasion reminds us of the quote that if one wants to avoid war, it is better to prepare for war,” the British general said, calling for the modernization of the armed forces and their preparation for battle with NATO allies.

For Saunders, “mobilization is now the main effort. “We are mobilizing the army to help avoid war in Europe, being ready to fight and win with our NATO allies.”

“It will be hard work, an effort that involves all generations and I expect all classes to be prepared, trained and involved.”

These statements are made as NATO leaders, meeting tomorrow at a summit in Madrid, decide to transform the Alliance’s reaction force and bring in “well over 300,000 men”, compared to 40,000 today, the number of high-level troops. preparation for the Russian threat.

The General Secretary of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenbergconsiders that these measures are “the greatest overhaul of our collective defense since the Cold War».

The British military chief also defended the strategy of the United Kingdom and the United States to equip Ukraine militarily, saying the invasion of Russia posed “a clear and present threat” to the “principles of sovereignty and democracy”.

“Now is the time to stand up for the democratic values ​​that define us. “Now is the time to help our brave Ukrainian allies in their brave battle.” “Now is the time to stand with our friends and partners to keep the peace throughout the rest of Europe.”

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