Northern France on alert due to bad weather: 88-year-old woman dies in the basement of her house


An elderly woman was found dead today in the basement of her flooded house in Bourne in northern France, an area that has been alerted to bad weather and where many communities are experiencing problems due to rain, as reported by fire and police.

According to police sources, the 88-year-old woman felt unwell, fell down the stairs and drowned in the basement. The water in the basement of the house reached a height of 80 cm, the fire department said.

“Obviously he went to see where the water had reached the basement, it fell and he could not get up, it is very sad,” commented the mayor of Bohr, Bernadette Popelier. The village has no problems with floods, he added.

Most of the problems are located in the valley of Lis, since the waters of this river are constantly rising since Sunday morning. According to the fire department, in Vie-Berken, seven kilometers from Bohr, in ten flooded houses the water level reached 20 cm and a little further south, in Merville, at 30 cm. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are flying over the area to record the problems from the air.

“We evacuated a school for precautionary reasons,” although no water had entered the building, explained Jean-Paul Salome, the mayor of Vie Berken. “We have had years to see such floods,” he assured.

In the neighboring district of Pas-de-Calais, meteorological conditions are improving and the waters are receding, the prefecture said in a statement. As of Sunday, the fire department had received 177 calls for help and removed 21 people at risk from the homes.

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