Libya Presidential Election: Interior Minister Doubts Schedule


Libyan Interior Minister Khaled Mazen tonight expressed doubts about whether it is possible to meet the timetable for the presidential election, which is scheduled for December 24, as, as he explained, “violations are deteriorating” as this date approaches.

“Violations and attacks will hamper efforts to safeguard (the electoral process), which will have an impact on their conduct and our commitment to organize them within a specific timeframe,” Mazen told a news conference. in Tripoli together with the Minister of Justice.

Mazen referred to incidents reported since last Thursday in Shebha, southern Libya, where supporters of General Khalifa Haftar allegedly prevented Saif al-Islam Gaddafi’s lawyers from appealing their expulsion rulings. On Monday, the UN said “judges were prevented from performing their duties”, which is hampering the election process.

The transitional government has stressed that it is “watching with great concern” the obstruction of the work of justice.

Although theoretically Libya has a transitional government based in Tripoli, in the west, the east and part of the south are de facto controlled by Haftar.

In this climate of tension, the judicial committee that would consider Saif al-Islam’s appeal decided earlier today to postpone the announcement of its conclusions indefinitely.

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