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Ukraine: North Macedonia sends T-72 tanks


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According to the neighboring country’s defense ministry, Skopje wants to acquire new tanks to ensure interoperability with other NATO member states, which allows several of the existing ones to be sent to Ukraine.

North Macedonia, NATO’s newest member state, has decided to send several Soviet-designed main battle tanks to Ukraine’s armed forces as Skopje prepares to modernize its armed forces.

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The Balkan country intends to acquire new battle tanks to ensure interoperability with other member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Ministry of Defense explained.

This allows several main battle tanks — their number was not specified — to be sent to Ukraine. Normally Skopje would decommission them, but Kyiv needs them, according to the same source.

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North Macedonia has about thirty Soviet-designed T-72 tanks. Video uploaded to social networking sites by the Makfax news agency shows some of these tanks being transported by trucks near the border with Bulgaria.


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