New NY Mayor to Discuss Business, Housing and Security with SP


New York City Mayor Eric Adams will visit São Paulo after his inauguration on January 1st. On its agenda, cooperation with the state and capital in the areas of security, housing for the homeless and education.

Adams was invited to visit Brazil this Friday (3) by Governor João Doria (PSDB-SP) during SP Day, a day of lectures by São Paulo authorities to American investors that is part of the business mission of the state agency InvestSP.

Handily elected in November but with a high abstention, Adams spoke via teleconference from Ghana, the African country he is visiting “to meet my ancestors,” he said — he is the second black mayor in New York history.

“We can no longer think in isolation. We have to understand issues as global,” he said. A former Republican and now a Democrat, he was elected with strong support from real estate barons and a “pro-business” speech.

“Businesses are demonized, they cannot grow. This is going to change,” he stated. He exchanged praise with Doria, whom he called a “visionary” for his investment in the Covid-19 Coronavac vaccine. “After your inspirational speech I understood why you were elected,” said the toucan.

In her speech, Doria, who was chosen by the PSDB as a candidate for president in 2022, related high vaccination levels in São Paulo, at 100% of adults, with the possibility “safety for people’s lives and for the resumption of business “.

A former police officer who had a poor childhood and was arrested, Adams combines several personas in his lines. This has already led to the charge that he embellishes stories to please diverse audiences.

One of his points in the campaign was advocating the use of underutilized buildings in New York to house the homeless. Today, 48,000 of the approximately 80,000 homeless people in the city are taken in by the city hall.

This caught the attention of Ricado Nunes (MDB), the mayor of São Paulo who is accompanying Doria’s trip with his own entourage. This Friday (3) she will visit a shelter in Harlem. “We are going to learn from the experience here,” he stated.

In São Paulo, there are 17 thousand homeless people being assisted by the city hall. The population even before the pandemic was 24,000, but a new census is being drawn up and should be ready by January — in several areas of the São Paulo capital, an increase in the number of people on the streets is visible.

Nunes once again praised the Covid-19 free testing scheme in effect in New York, where there are stalls and vans offering the service to anyone who wants it in different parts of the city, something particularly useful with the emergence of the omicron variant in the country. He said he was studying something analogous to São Paulo.

In the city, at least so far, the reopening is quite wide. Virtually all bars and restaurants require the presentation of a vaccine passport and the identification of their customers, and the streets are full of tourists.

“I am especially interested in learning about and replicating, when possible, the successful experiences of Brooklyn (the district that is governed by Adams) and New York City in areas such as security, affordable housing and education,” he said, in turn. Pain.

The toucan always cites the North American model of municipal police. When he was mayor of São Paulo (2017-18), he tried to reformulate the Metropolitan Civil Guard of the capital in this sense. In Brazil, however, the Constitution assigns the responsibility for the area to the governors, and the Justice barred the change.

Journalist Igor Gielow travels at the invitation of InvestSP


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