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Turkey – Soylou challenges: “Greece is training PKK members in Lavrio”


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In fact, Turkey’s interior minister included Germany and the US as countries that support the Kurdish organization

Ankara returns to its provocative claims about education members of the PKK in Lavrio, despite Athens’ repeated denials.

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In fact, according to SKAI’s correspondent in Istanbul Manolis Kostidis, the Minister of the Interior of Turkey Suleiman Soylu he “framed” both Germany and the US as countries that support the Kurdish organization, while Sweden and Finland had previously been mentioned.

“Unfortunately, Greece and again activated the Lavrio camp, there is also Germany… And despite this phase, and even though this is the period when Europe and the US support the PKK the most, we are in our most successful period in the fight against terrorism” asserted the Turk Minister of the Interior.

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Members of the PKK are trained in the Lavrio camp in Greece and then go to Northern Iraq, Soilos had also claimed in February, according to KYPE, saying then that the Lavrio camp has been activated in the last 7-8 months.

“There are countries around that want to use all this complexity, like Greece. For example, Greece has activated the Lavrio camp, which has the seal of the UN, in favor of the terrorist organization PKK, for about 7-8 months now,” he claimed.

The Turkish minister had even claimed that they forwarded this image to the Greek government. “We know by name one by one those whom the PKK transported to Lavrio and by name one by one the terrorists it will transport from Lavrio to northern Iraq, more precisely we know by name those it wants to turn into terrorists,” he asserted.

As he said, “if they had not activated the Lavrio camp, participation in the terrorist organization this year would have been smaller.”

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