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Ukraine: Our Army Pushed Miles Deep In South – Thousands Of Russians Exposed Since Taking Kupyansk


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“Our soldiers are being pushed to the front lines in the South, in several zones, at a depth of two to several tens of kilometers,” the spokeswoman for the southern military command, Natalya Khomeniuk, told local media.

Kyiv announced today that its forces had advanced “several kilometers” deep in several zones of the southern front, in the territories occupied by the Russian army at the start of the war in February.

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Our soldiers are advancing on the front lines in the South, in many zones, at a depth of two to several tens of kilometers” the representative of the southern military command, Natalya Khomeniuk, told local media.

Earlier, Ukrainian officials released photos showing soldiers raising the country’s flag in Kupyansk, a rail hub where Russian forces in the northeast were supplied with supplies. Ukrainewhile the collapse of the Russian front threatens to turn into total doom for Moscow.

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A Reuters reporter, who is in the area recaptured by Ukrainian forces in recent days, saw Ukrainian policemen patrolling towns and stacked crates of ammunition in positions abandoned by the Russians as they fled.

With the Ukrainians now in control of Kupyansk, the rail hub between Russia and eastern Ukraine, the advance has reached Moscow’s main supply route and thousands of Russian troops may have been encircled.

Natalya Popova, an adviser to the head of the Kharkiv Regional Council, posted photos on Facebook of soldiers holding a Ukrainian flag in front of the Kupyansk city hall. At their feet, a Russian flag. “Kupyansk is Ukraine. Glory to the armed forces of Ukraine,” he wrote in the caption.

In Krakow, one of dozens of villages that were liberated, Reuters saw burnt-out vehicles bearing the Russian invasion symbol Z and piles of rubbish and ammunition in positions apparently hastily abandoned by the Russians.

Hello everyone, we are from Russia”, someone had spray-painted on a wall.

Three bodies lay in white bags in a yard.

The regional police director Volodymyr Tymoshenko he said Ukrainian police entered the community the day before and checked the identities of residents who had been living under Russian occupation since the second day of the invasion. “Our first job is to provide the help they need. The next is to record the crimes committed by the Russian invaders in the territories they temporarily occupied,” he explained.

The capture of at least part of Kupyansk, if confirmed, could leave thousands of Russian troops trapped, cut off from supply lines, including Izium, the Russian military’s logistical hub in the northeast.

The agency could not independently verify the situation in either Kupyansk or Izium. Moscow has acknowledged the Ukrainian advance in the Kharkiv region but says it is sending reinforcements, and Russian local officials yesterday asked citizens to evacuate both cities.

Oleksiy Arestovich, an adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, said in a video posted on YouTube that Russians in Izium are almost isolated.


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