Tycoon Lev Leviev in custody in Israel – The “Black Diamond” case


The Israeli authorities brought him to the airport as soon as he set foot in Israel. He was abroad for years.

Today, the 66-year-old billionaire Lev Leviev was detained by the Israeli authorities after he set foot in the Israeli airport, on suspicion of tax offenses and money laundering.

According to Jerusalem Post, Leviev arrived in Israel today after several years abroad. He had fled to Russia when the investigation against him began.

The Russian-Israeli tycoon is being investigated for a diamond smuggling case in Israel by executives of the diamond company LLD Diamonds. The case, known in Israel as the “Black Diamond”, concerns the smuggling of diamonds worth 8.7 million euros (300 million Israeli shekels).

The Black Diamond case

An Israeli worker at the Leviev factories in Russia with a clean criminal record, returning to his country six years ago, allegedly smuggled a large number of diamonds.

He had hidden the diamonds in suitcases and on his body, and Israeli police believe he sold them on the black market.

In 2018 his home was raided and police found hundreds of shipping certificates related to diamonds. That year, a total of six suspects were arrested in the case, including Leviev’s son. The billionaire was abroad at the time and refused to return to Israel for questioning.

Leviev’s company announced that it had no knowledge of the incident and that its activities are completely legal.

The impostor who posed as his son became a Netflix documentary

Leviev saw his name in the media earlier this year due to an impostor, Simon Hayut, who became known as the “Tinder scammer” and who posed as the son of a Russian-Israeli cross. Simon, tricked his female victims and lived richly.

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