Turks also sell their refrigerators – Pots throw down governments, says Erdogan MP


Turkish citizens feel in their “skin” the poverty that afflicts the country and this is reflected in a report by the Fox television station.

The situation is dramatic, with a father being forced to sell his refrigerator in order for his daughter to study, as the report reveals.

In fact, when asked how he would live without a refrigerator, he replied that “it does not matter, I will put the cheese and the olive in the window until May, and then we will see”

Another citizen testified that he sold the burner of his house in order to be able to pay his rent and to cover some of his basic needs: “I will sell some of my furniture. “I have two children, I will use a stove”, he adds.

It is also characteristic that the basic salary has gone from 415 to 185 euros.

And while Tayyip Erdogan is seeking help in Qatar to fight economic misery, his lawmaker admits the problem is real, warning that governments could fall out of the “pots”.

“A bag for basic goods was filled with 250 pounds and today we pay 600-700 pounds. There is a problem in the market. “As Demirel used to say, the pot is overthrowing governments and we know that,” said AKP MP Murat Baibatur.

It should also be noted that a few days ago, the Turkish president said that those who say that the people are hungry are ungrateful.

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