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Russians panic after conscription Putin: They are leaving the country en masse, destruction at the border – Watch video


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Google searches for “how to leave Russia” and “how to break your arm” are currently the most popular in the country. At 5 thousand euros, the cheapest plane ticket abroad

In every way, Russian citizens try to avoid it partial conscription imposed on the country by Vladimir Putin.

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Last night the Ukrainian network NEXTA posted a photo allegedly showing young people, mostly Russians, trying to cross the border into Georgia. Jammed with cars and the roads.

The announcement of the immediate conscription of 300,000 reservists raised fears that men of fighting age would not be allowed to leave Russia.

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Inseparable and on the roads leading to Finland.

At the same time, non-returnable airline tickets have become popular in the country, with their price skyrocketing.

The cheapest destination at the moment is Dubai with the price ranging from 5 thousand euros per ticketan amount that is about five times the average monthly salary in Russia, according to Google Data and the RBK news agency.

Also the most popular terms in the Google search engine now are “how to leave Russia” and “how to break your arm”.

In parallel, at least 1,026 people were arrested yesterday Wednesday during protests against partial conscription, according to a non-governmental organization.

According to OVD-Info, an organization that specializes in counting arrests, demonstrations took place in at least 36 cities in the country.

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