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Zakharova: Biden distorted Vladimir Putin’s statements on nuclear weapons


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“He allegedly quoted statements by the president of Russia. He attributed to the Russian president statements that our country threatened the world with nuclear weapons”

He accused him of distorting Vladimir Putin’s statements Joe Biden the representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova.

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Commenting on the US president’s speech at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, Zakharova said on the Soloviev Live channel that she “allegedly quoted statements by the president of Russia. He attributed statements to the Russian president that our country was threatening the world with nuclear weapons.”

The Russian official noted that such an attitude was “propaganda, imposed on society despite what was actually said.” “And, unfortunately, this is exactly how this attitude is presented again in the Western media. And the US president has just confirmed what is being circulated in the US media,” he added.

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It is noted that in his speech, Joe Biden pointed out that Moscow formulated “repulsive nukes threats against Europe’ and showed ‘a reckless disregard for the nuclear non-proliferation regime’.

As the US president warned, “a nuclear war has no winner, cannot be won and must never be fought”. In addition, Biden promised that the US is ready to take “critical nuclear arms control measures” regardless of the global situation.

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