German Chancellor Scholz is in favor of welcoming Russian “fugitives”.


“I’m in favor of offering protection to people who refuse conscription” subject to strict controls.

Chancellor Olaf Solz is in favor of welcoming Russians who refuse conscription to Germany, subject to a thorough security check.

“I’m all for offering protection to these people. Of course, they will first have to go through a thorough security check so that we know who we are letting into our country”, the chancellor states to the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung and adds:

“(Vladimir) Putin is making one mistake after another. He could immediately end this war by withdrawing his troops and then start talks with Kyiv.”

Asked whether the Russian president’s threat to use nukes is real, Olaf Solz replies: “Who knows? Like US President Joe Biden, I also want to make a clear statement to Russia: Leave them alone!”

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