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White House says elections were fair, and Trump celebrates Bolsonaro’s performance


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In yet another demonstration of confidence in the Brazilian electoral system, President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, said this Monday (3) that “the available information indicates that the first round of the elections was conducted freely. , fair, transparent and credible, with all relevant institutions operating in accordance with their constitutional functions”.

Jean-Pierre also repeated the message of Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, responsible for American diplomacy, released after the polls closed on Sunday (2), and once again congratulated “the people and institutions of Brazil for the successful first round .”

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The White House has been pressured by American parliamentarians to recognize the result of the Brazilian election immediately, in order to make it difficult for President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to challenge the result of the polls, but so far it has not said whether it will in fact do so.

Last week, State Department Assistant Secretary for the Western Hemisphere Brian Nichols told Sheet who hopes to “connect as soon as possible” with the next president-elect, but also did not say whether recognition will be immediate.

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As the election was not defined in the first round, it became easier for the US government to take a stand, and in a few hours Blinken and the embassy in Brazil released a note extolling the process in the country.

Blinken traveled this Monday to South America, where he will visit Colombia, Chile and Peru, having meetings with presidents and foreign ministers. He will not, however, make a stopover in Brazil. This is the second time he has been to the region since taking office and the second time he has left Brazil out. According to US government officials, it would be unusual for a visit by the highest diplomat to be so close to the elections, for fear of creating an image of outside interference in the election.

Also on Monday, former US President Donald Trump, who had already expressed support for Bolsonaro, said he was “very happy to have helped a great person and leader” to reach the second round.

“Voters made a great decision in giving such strong support to the brilliant and hardworking President Bolsonaro. Now, for the sake of Brazil and its future greatness, they have to take Jair to the finish line against a radical left socialist in 30 October. Go Bolsonaro!!!” he wrote.

Thus, the Republican is more actively involved in the dispute, in the same way as Bolsonaro did in 2020 — with the difference that today Trump no longer holds public office, while the Brazilian president openly supported the defeated candidate.

In September, Trump had already published on a social network that he supported Bolsonaro. On Saturday, the eve of the election, he recorded a video asking for votes for the Brazilian, as well as his son Donald Trump Jr.

After the results were released, he went so far as to congratulate Bolsonaro for “doing ‘much better’ than the inaccurate surveys of the fake news press” indicated. “He will be victorious because the wonderful people of Brazil appreciate the great work he has done and is doing.”

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