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UN: Condemns the “heinous murders” of 15 migrants in Libya


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Since the beginning of 2022, according to the Organization, 216 people have died trying to cross the Mediterranean, while 724 have been declared missing and presumed dead

“Bring the perpetrators to justice” for the murder of 15 immigrants and asylum seekers, yesterday called on the authorities Libya the United Nations Support Mission in the country.

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Last Friday, 15 bodies of migrants, some charred, were found on a beach in Sambrata, 70 kilometers west of the capital Tripoli, where thousands of people leave each year trying to reach Italy’s shores.

“Eleven charred bodies were found inside the bound ship and four more with injuries outside,” the Mission said via Twitter.

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“Although the exact circumstances remain to be ascertained, the killings were allegedly the result of clashes between armed rival traffickers,” according to the UN, which called on the Libyan authorities to “guarantee a swift, independent and transparent investigation to bring all perpetrators to justice.” of justice”.

The tragedy brutally brings back into focus “the lack of protection faced by migrants and asylum-seekers in Libya, as well as the widespread human rights violations committed by powerful traffickers and criminal networks,” the mission said.

According to Libyan media, the migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, were shot on Thursday by gunmen after an altercation between traffickers.

One of the groups of traffickers involved then set fire to the vessel on Friday, according to their information.

The chaos that followed the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011 transformed Libya at an intermediate station for tens of thousands of refugees and migrants, from sub-Saharan Africa, Arab states and South Asia, seeking to reach Europe via Italy.

They are at the mercy of traffickers when they don’t die trying to get through Mediterranean. Non-governmental organizations have repeatedly complained of unspeakable mistreatment in Libya.

The country’s political crisis continues, with two governments backed by rival camps in western and eastern Libya vying for power since March.

Since the start of the current year, 14,157 migrants have been intercepted and sent back to Libya, according to International Organization for Migration (IOM) figures released last Monday. At least 216 other people have died this year trying to cross the so-called Mediterranean highway, while 724 have been declared missing and presumed dead, according to the same organization, part of the UN system.


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