New communication Sullivan – Kalin for F16 and Aegean


According to the Turkish side, Ibrahim Kalin said that Turkey will not hesitate to defend its rights in the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin and US national security adviser Jake Sullivan had a telephone conversation today about F16 and issues in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, just 10 days after their meeting in Istanbul.

According to the Turkish side and the first information transmitted by SKAI correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidis, Ibrahim Kalin said that Turkey will not hesitate to defend its rights in the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

It was noted that Greece should put an end to its actions and provocative statements that ignore international law.

It is recalled that the meeting between the representative of the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, and the US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, took place on October 10 in Istanbul.

As pointed out by correspondent of SKAI in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidisduring their meeting on October 10 at the presidential resort of Mabeyn, topics such as Turkey-US political and economic relations, areas of cooperation in the defense industry, the war in Ukraine, the accession processes of Sweden and Finland to NATO were discussed and developments in the Aegean, Mediterranean and South Caucasus.

Along with the implementation of the Strategic Mechanism, the expectation was expressed to increase areas of cooperation based on common interests.

It was also emphasized that the completion of the process on the F-16 issue will serve the strategic interests of the two countries.

During the meeting, Turkey’s key role in NATO was underlined and it was noted that the allies must act in harmony and solidarity against common security risks and all terrorist threats.

Ibrahim Kalin told Jake Sullivan that Turkey will not hesitate to protect its rights and interests in the Aegean and the Mediterranean and stated that Greece’s aggressive actions are against international law and are unacceptable.

It was also noted that diplomatic efforts should be intensified with the aim of ending – as soon as possible – the war in Ukraine, which threatens global security and stability.

The White House announcement

“The importance of dialogue and diplomacy to resolve any disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean” was discussed during the meeting held in Istanbul by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Chief Adviser to the Turkish Presidency Ibrahim Kalin, as stated in a press release White House.

In particular, according to the same statement, the two sides discussed their continued support for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s aggression, including condemnation of Russia’s attempt to illegally annex Ukrainian territory.

Mr. Sullivan expressed his appreciation for Turkey’s efforts to improve global food security by helping to facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain and its diplomatic work to secure the release of Ukrainian prisoners of war, as well as two American citizens held by the Russia.

According to the White House statement, they also discussed regional security issues, including their support for peace negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the importance of dialogue and diplomacy in resolving any disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean, and progress on the integration of Finland and Sweden in NATO.

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