The British Defense Minister is on a “mysterious” and hurried trip to the USA


Sky News is talking about a “mystery last minute trip” that seems to have been decided very quickly

London, Thanasis Gavos

The study, with which the Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom, Ben Wallace, traveled to Washington yesterday for meetings with the American counterpart and officials of the White House is being commented on by the British media, wondering if it is connected with an increased nuclear threat from Russia.

However, the British Foreign Minister appeared reassuring about this scenario.

Sky News speaks of a “mysterious last-minute trip” that appears to have been decided too quickly, as evidenced by Mr Wallace’s cancellation of an eleventh-hour appearance before a parliamentary committee and the fact that he was denied a ceremonial welcome at the Pentagon, as is usual.

Concerns that the visit was for some special, very serious reason linked to Ukraine were heightened by a comment from British Under Secretary of State for Defense James Hippie.

Speaking to Sky News on Tuesday, he said that the fact that the kind of discussions his political boss is having in the US has become necessary is “beyond what we can contemplate”.

The British Ministry of Defense limited itself to saying that in America Mr Wallace was discussing security issues of mutual interest, including Ukraine.

However, on Wednesday morning, Foreign Minister James Cleverley appeared reassuring, speaking of a “smooth and orderly” visit in the context of a “very abnormal and twisted situation”. He hinted that Mr. Wallace’s discussions center on Russian strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure.

“There is an urgency because citizens are being targeted in a new way and so we have to react to that and our reaction has to be fast,” Mr Cleverley said.

At the same time, however, British newspapers are carrying analysts’ speculation about a possible detonation of a tactical nuclear weapon by Putin over the Black Sea or on isolated Russian territory, in a show of force.

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