Afghanistan: $ 280 Million Transfer Approved to UNICEF and WFP to Provide Humanitarian Aid


The $ 280 million’s one-year transfer to UNICEF and the World Food Program (WFP) – part of the amount frozen so far in the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ART) reserve – was approved by 31 donors on Friday. To provide food and health services to Afghans, the World Bank said.

“This decision is the first step in redirecting ARTF funds to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan at this critical time,” the Washington Financial Press Release said in a statement. to improve the food safety situation, and the remaining 100 to UNICEF to provide much-needed health services.

Afghanistan’s population (39 million) is facing a deep economic crisis, food shortages and the spread of poverty, three months after the Taliban returned to power, amid the withdrawal of foreign troops after 20 years of war.

At the beginning of the month, the transfer of the amount was approved by the board of directors of PT (25006097).

The United Nations estimates that more than half of Afghanistan’s population is unable to provide enough food.

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