Farofa da Gkay: Influencer tells details of the party that lasted three days


Actress and comedian Gessica Kayane, 29, host of Farofa da GKay, which took place from December 5-7 at Marina Park Hotel, in Fortaleza, Ceará, and influencer Rafael Uccman told details of the party at Poddelas. She said she spent R$2.8 million on the event.

Gkay, as she is known, and Uccman revealed that the actress’ mother wanted to go into the dark room with Compadre Washington, but the meeting didn’t happen because he had an appointment later. According to the actress, the matriarch, a fan of Léo Santana, refused to stay on stage during the singer’s concert to “see him from below”.

The actress said that she opened the dark room with João Guilherme: “I went to present”. She said she went alone with the singer at the scene and put a security guard at the door, but admitted that he is shy. “I stayed [com ele], but in life you have to be with certain people to say ‘I stayed'”, he said.

According to GKay, the dark room was a kind of box where there was a bed in the center with handcuffs and sofas in the corners. “[Era um quarto] with various gadgets like in the movie ’50 Shades of Grey’ because people want to live that experience.”

Uccman said that Victor Igoh, fiance of Sthe Matos who is in A Farm 13, entered the room and got stuck with a handcuff and asked if anyone had a key to open. “I said I didn’t have a key and it opened easily,” he said, laughing.

Gkay also said that he stayed with Matheus Novinho, a former participant in the On Vacation with his Ex, but he had to take it. “There are a lot of little boys like him on the internet,” said Gkay.

Anitta’s friend, the actress said that the release of the song with Pedro Sampaio was played first hand at the event. “She called me and said: ‘do you want to leak my new song in the farofa? I get along with Pedro Sampaio'”, revealed Gkay.

“Anitta had no intention of doing choreography, we created a choreography, which looked like school”, he reported, saying that choreographers and tiktokers heard the hit and created the viral dance in minutes.

The comedian also stated about her friendship with Anitta, with whom she said she learned daily. “I don’t mind if they call me a bitch,” he said. “Part of who I am comes from my friendship with Anitta, just getting to know her.”

“If she had gone to farofa, there wouldn’t be a man. There wouldn’t be for Viih Tube.”


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