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#Hashtag: Liz Truss resigns, ‘loses’ to lettuce and leaves a legacy of memes


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After holding the post of UK prime minister for just six weeks, Liz Truss of the Conservative Party resigned after the failure of her economic plan, the resignation of ministers and a general process of frying.

This Thursday (20th) the competition proposed by the Daily Star tabloid ends: which will last longer, lettuce or Liz Truss? Lettuce won.

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While he admitted mistakes and apologized for an economic plan that, in his words, went “too far too fast,” admitting the mistake was not enough.

The conservative saw her government’s popularity plummet. Last Tuesday (18), the YouGov institute reported that eight out of ten Britons disapproved of her government and a third of Conservatives wanted Boris Johnson back.

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The succession of crises in the UK is well represented by the post by Sky News editor Alan McGuinness, whose four-month-old son has been through two prime ministers, two monarchs, three interior ministers and four chancellors.

The speed with which Truss moved through the job became a meme in the UK. Netizens share posts and videos that mock the short term.

What did she do in 44 days? For netizens, the death of Queen Elizabeth II is on the list.

The prime minister, however, before resigning, already had a consolidated legacy in the world of memes. Like the lettuce competition, many focused on the countdown to the end of their rule. And, after the resignation, for his brevity in power.

For Brazilians, at least, memes will be missed.

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