Road race for would-be successors to Truss – Boris Johnson returns to London


The would-be successors of the resigned Liz Truss are in a battle position – Doubtful if Boris Johnson will be able to gather the 100 MPs

London, Thanasis Gavos

In a race to muster the magic number of 100 Conservative MPs who need to back them to take part in the race to succeed her Liz Truss the aspiring leaders of the party and the country are indulged.

Practically the limit of 100 supporters means that the maximum number of candidates there will be three, with the names thought most likely to make the cut being Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordant and Boris Johnson.

The intentions of the populist among the caucus and base of the party Defense Secretary Ben Wallace remain unknown. It is also unclear whether there will be a candidate promoted from the far right wing of the party between Suella Braverman and Kemi Beidenock.

In counting the declarations of support made by the pro-conservative website o Boris Johnson was leading early Friday morning with 50 MPs. Rishi Sunak followed with 39 and Penny Mordant with 17.

It is thought to be doubtful whether Mr Johnson will be able to rally the 100 MPs, as some have said that if he returns as leader they will remove themselves from the caucus or resign to call elections in their constituencies.

However, according to the Telegraph, a mechanism has already been set up to promote the candidacy of Mr. Johnson, who is returning to London today from his vacation in the Caribbean and on Saturday will have a meeting with dozens of Conservative MPs.

His supporters point to him as the one who won a huge popular mandate in 2019 and say he is the only one who can turn around the Tories’ dismal poll fortunes. His opponents point out that he was ousted over multiple scandals and is under investigation by the House of Commons immunity committee into whether he deliberately misled the body about partygate.

Nominations must be submitted by 2pm local time on Monday.

An hour and a half later there will be a first vote among Tory caucus members to disqualify a candidate (if there are three). The result will be announced at 6 pm local time.

An indicative vote will follow the same evening to let members know which of the final pair the MPs prefer.

The final couple will then be judged by 172,000 Conservative Party members who will vote online until 11am on Friday 28 October, with the winner announced later that day.

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