Liz Truss Biography Pre-Order Will Be Rewritten After Prime Minister’s Fall


Liz Truss’s jet-setting tenure as the UK’s prime minister hampered the release of a biography about her slated for December.

“Out of the Blue: The Inside Story of Liz Truss and Her Explosive Rise to Power” — or out of nowhere, the story of Liz Truss and the backstory of her explosive rise to power — intended to tell the story of the Brit from her teenage years, when involved with politics, until the beginning of his period in power.

With his departure from office after a mere 44 days — a record negative in the UK’s democratic history — the work will be a complete account of his tenure, one of the biography’s authors, James Heale, told Bloomberg.

Heale, who is a reporter for The Spectator magazine, made fun of his own misfortune on social media. “Back to work,” he wrote. He also told Bloomberg that he and the book’s other author, Harry Cole — the political editor of the tabloid The Sun — plan to add a chapter chronicling the days leading up to the prime minister’s downfall to the book.

On Amazon UK, the synopsis and subtitle of the work have now been updated to reflect Truss’ departure, and the pre-order price has dropped from £20 to under £17. 97). The title is expected to hit bookstores on December 8.

The biography became a meme on social media, where netizens began posting alternative comic covers. One of the images roughly erases the entire title and leaves only the “out”, “fora” in English. Another puts a lettuce emoji over the British woman’s face — a reference to a kind of competition promoted by the Daily Star tabloid between the British woman’s political survival and the vegetable’s lifespan.

Truss announced his resignation on Thursday (20), capitulating to the first major crisis that hit his government and giving in to the frying imposed by the opposition, his own party and the population – eight out of ten Britons rejected it. She will remain in the post until a successor is chosen, which should be announced next week.

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