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Putin: “We have never talked about using nuclear weapons” – “We are ready to resume talks with the US”


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The Russian president described Erdogan as a “strong leader” and Turkey as a “trustworthy” country that has always had a desire to reach agreements

The Russian president responded to the scenarios that Russia will sooner or later proceed with the use of nuclear weapons, Vladimir Putin during his annual speech today at the Valdai Discussion Club forum, hurling accusations at Kyiv while claiming that his country is ready to resume talks with the US.

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As he mentioned, Russia has never talked about using nuclear weapons as its military doctrine allows the country to use nuclear weapons only in defense, thus rejecting claims that Russia is considering using them in Ukraine. Instead, he blamed Kyiv that he has the technology to build and potentially detonate a “dirty bomb” in Ukraine.

Also, Vladimir Putin accused the West, that he had engaged in “nuclear blackmail” against Russia and rejected claims that Russian forces were attacking the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

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According to the Russian president, Moscow is ready tostart talks with the United States on nuclear arms control but as he said he has received no response from Washington on Moscow’s proposals for “strategic stability” talks.

The Russian president also referred to Tayyip Erdogan, describing him as a “strong leader” who always defended Turkey’s interests. Putin said Erdogan had not always been an “easy partner” to deal with, but that Turkey had always been “reliable” and had a desire to reach deals.

Earlier, during his speech, Vladimir Putin fired fresh “fire” at the West, claiming it was doing everything to escalate the situation and accused it of playing a “dangerous, dirty and bloody game”. At the same time, he accused it of colonialism and declared that “Russia will never do what the West tells it”.

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