Nigeria: At least 37 dead in bus pileup


According to the head of the road safety service in the state of Borno, Nigeria, the cause of the fatal traffic accident was the bursting of the tire of a bus and the excessive speed developed by the driver.

At least 37 people have been killed in a bus crash in northeastern Nigeria. The fatal accident occurred near the city of Maiduguri when two buses collided head-on and burst into flames. A third bus then crashed into the two burning vehicles, according to Uten Boyi, head of the road safety agency in Borno state.

“37 people were killed, most of them charred,” Boyi said. He noted that the flat tire caused the driver of a bus to lose control of his vehicle, which had developed excessive speed.

Road accidents are common in Nigeria, where road conditions have worsened in recent weeks due to the African country’s worst floods in decades.

Earlier today, 17 people were killed and four others injured when the bus they were traveling in collided with a truck near the capital Abuja, Nigerian media reported.


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