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Scandal with “stolen” adopted children shocks France


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Outcry over Le Monde’s investigation which revealed that for years French families had been adopting foreign children from an organization, who had apparently been “stolen” from their families

Last Thursday the French newspaper Le Monde – after five years of journalistic investigations around the world – revealed that for a number of years French families have been adopting foreign children who were probably “stolen” from their families.

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After the issue was made public, the French judiciary decided to deal with the issue.

And this is because nine French citizens, with a country of origin in Mali, one of the poorest countries on the planet, filed a lawsuit against an organization called “Sunshine”, claiming that when they were children, that is around 1990, it gave them up for adoption to French families, without it being clear that their natural parents had consented.

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Some of them have already found their natural parents, who affirm that “Sunbeam” was a French organization certified by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs which approached them saying that its goal was to help their children, but without telling them that he would give them up for adoption to French families.

Most of these natural parents were and are poor and illiterate, yet they claim that they never consented to give their children up for adoption.

As for the French families who adopted the children, they state that “Iliachtida” did what it did with the compensation, but assuring that these are children abandoned by their families.

According to the French newspaper, Mali was not the only country in the world where “Iliachtida” acted in this way.

He had developed similar activities in India, Chile, South Korea, Bulgaria, Romania, Madagascar, Haiti, China, etc. , having processed over 7,000 adoptions in total. After all, the French citizens who were born in some poor country on the planet and then adopted by French families, are today around 100,000.

Most adoptions took place around 1990, when there was an explosion of the phenomenon in France. They have subsequently declined significantly, which is probably due to the fact that many French state agencies responsible for adoptions have made it clear that they have neither the infrastructure nor the staff to thoroughly monitor such a large number of adoptions. In the meantime, of course, adoptions with fake IDs and fake health certificates of children had been terminated, or cases of adoptions of children whose parents thought they were dead had been identified, and so on. However, typical of the climate that prevailed in those years in “Iliachtida” is the confession of a volunteer in Monde who remembers the organization’s executives saying about the women in Mali, that “they give birth to children like rabbits” and that “if we take a the other ten will be saved.”


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