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Kim Jong-un’s daughter steps out of the shadows and appears in public for the 2nd time in days


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The daughter of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un appeared in public for the second time this Sunday (27) alongside her father, in photos published by the official newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

The girl, about whom little is known, had her images released by the North Korean press for the first time on the last 18th, when she accompanied Kim in the launch of an intercontinental missile. In the photos, she was shown in a white coat, overseeing the missile and launch and then celebrating the result.

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In this second ceremony alongside his daughter, the dictator promoted more than 100 officials and scientists for their work on the Hwasong-17, which analysts call a “monster missile” and which is believed to be capable of reaching the continental United States.

North Korea’s “ultimate goal is to possess the most powerful strategic force in the world, the absolute force unprecedented in the century,” Kim said at the event, adding that building the country’s nuclear capabilities would reliably protect the dignity and sovereignty of the state and the people.

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He described the Hwasong-17 as the “world’s strongest strategic weapon”, said that North Korean scientists have made a “wonderful leap in the development of technology for assembling nuclear warheads into ballistic missiles”, and added that he hopes to expand and strengthen the country’s nuclear deterrence capabilities at an extraordinarily rapid pace.

The existence of Kim’s children has never been officially mentioned by the totalitarian regime, and the publication of her photos this November was the first official confirmation that he has a daughter, according to experts.

The dictator is believed to have up to three children, two girls and a boy. Some observers believe that one of them has already been seen celebrating a national holiday in September, but the identity has not been confirmed by the regime.

In 2013, former American basketball player Dennis Rodman said that Kim had a baby daughter named Ju Ae. After visiting the country, the athlete told the British newspaper The Guardian that he met with the dictator’s family and held the child in his lap.

The dictatorship never announced who would be Kim’s successor should he be unable to continue at the helm of the regime. With few details known about her offspring, analysts speculate that her sister and trusted authorities could form a regency of sorts until a successor is old enough to take over.

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