Alexei Navalny is in solitary confinement for the eighth time

Alexei Navalny is in solitary confinement for the eighth time

The reason he was sent to isolation this time is “violation of dress code”

The Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalnywho is serving a sentence in prison colony No. 6 in the city of Melehovo in the Vladimir region, she was sent to solitary confinement for the eighth time where he will stay for 11 days. The news was reported by the Sirena channel on the Telegram messaging application created by supporters of the Russian politician.

The reason he was sent to isolation this time is “the violation of the dress form.”

The Russian politician’s spokeswoman, Kira Yarmish, in turn announced in a tweet that Navalny’s dress code violation consisted of being shirtless at six in the morning.

The reasons that landed Navalny in solitary confinement the seven previous times, which began in August, were an unbuttoned button, his refusal to wash the fence and his failure to put his hands behind his back as he walked down the hall, the website said. Mediazone.

As Sirean points out, the information about Navalny’s transfer once again to solitary confinement became known during the meeting on the legality of the “Promzona” (industrial zone) prisoners’ association created by the Russian politician.

“Respectful, since our unforgettable first trial, I have been in and out of solitary confinement. And I can share with you a unique piece of information that literally 20 minutes ago in court I was again put in solitary confinement for 11 days. And that’s exactly what describes the situation very well, (what happens), when any prisoner sticks his nose where the FSNI money is, the FSIN corruption, the various shenanigans, business schemes.” Navalny said.

The day before his wife Yulia announced that they stopped giving her husband her letters.

In her message, his wife Iulia said that what she can do is to send her letters through lawyers. “So imagine how they make fun of the other prisoners, who don’t even have lawyers. So if prison director Fomin doesn’t like you for example, he might hint that you shouldn’t be given the letters. They tell you that they don’t write to you and finally, how can you check this?”, wrote the wife of Alexei Navalny.

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