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New alert in Madrid – A “bloody package” was sent to the embassy of Ukraine


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This is the seventh package – The Spanish authorities blocked the area

Spanish authorities were on the alert earlier today and cordoned off the area around Ukraine’s embassy in Madrid after another “bloody package” similar to those sent to other Ukrainian embassies was sent, Ukraine’s foreign ministry said.

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It is the seventh package as six letter bombs were sent to targets in Spain earlier this week, including Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the US embassy in Madrid, prompting Madrid to beef up its security.

On Friday, Ukraine’s foreign ministry said several of the country’s embassies abroad had received “bloody packages” containing animal eyes. As the representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleg Nikolenko, explained, these packages, which were doused with a liquid with a special color and smell, arrived at the Ukrainian embassies after the series of letter-bombs detected in Spain in the previous days.

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