Opinion – Lúcia Guimarães: Trump lost again, now in court and in Georgia, but trumpism, no


Any day that Donald Trump is defeated, at the polls or in the courts, is a good day. On Tuesday (6), the company of the most dishonest president in American history was convicted of tax fraud, and its cold foot was once again confirmed in the second round of the election for the Senate in Georgia.

But while the re-election of Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock secures the most comfortable majority for the Biden presidency, one cannot underestimate the civic decline in the US when one considers that the Baptist pastor from Georgia defeated a grotesque candidate by less than three percentage points.

Former American football player Herschel Walker, who has lived in Texas for decades, was recruited by Trump to run because, in addition to his fame in the sport, he had participated in the reality show he commanded, “The Celebrity Apprentice”, for 13 years. Of all the evil Trumpist clowns, including those roaming the House and Senate, the violent and semi-literate Walker, who confessed to having been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, turned out to be a hotbed of scandal.

The fact that he was within walking distance of the Senate is an example of how Republicans have normalized the degradation of political life and welcome underworld figures with false egalitarian poses.

Trump struggles as he loses votes and space. He has dinner with neo-Nazis, calls for the “suspension of the Constitution”, collects defeats for the Republicans in the November elections and promises pardon to those already convicted of the January 6 coup attempt if he is elected in 2024.

But he is still the leader of the party and the only declared candidate, although he shows signs that he does not have the strategy or enthusiasm to enter the campaign. Republicans act as if the solution depended on some natural phenomenon that would rip the fascist out of the presidential scenario.

And it’s not just for fear of alienating the still significant majority of Republican voters who support him. It is the specter of an independent campaign, in case Trump fails to confirm himself as a candidate at the party’s convention. He does not heed close allies who ask him to stop questioning the 2020 election and is expected to tell voters that a convention defeat will be just as stolen.

In addition to splitting the right-wing vote, a renegade candidacy in 2024 would further alienate the growing bloc of independent voters, who have contributed to a better-than-expected performance among Democratic nominees this year.

Members of the Capitol police received the Congressional Gold Medal on Tuesday (6), for defending lawmakers in the 2021 invasion. one officer killed as a result of the attack.

After shaking hands with Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, they declined to shake hands with Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Kevin McCarthy, a notorious bootlicker of Trump.

They were middle-class civil servants who risked their lives to save men who didn’t have the courage to defend them with words. If January 6th didn’t convince the Republican Party to change course, what could stop Trump’s return?

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