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Britain: The army is called to replace the strikers in critical sectors


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Faced with the proliferation of strike movements, the government had already warned that it was facing the possibility of resorting to the army

THE british army will be called upon to replace strikers in critical sectors such as the border police and ambulance crewsthe British government announced, at a time when Britain is faced with chain strikes for the increased cost of living.

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“These strikes will disrupt everything and that includes our military personnel who will unfortunately have to be drafted in to fill some vital roles that are necessary to keep the country running,” Prime Minister’s spokesman Rishi Sunak told reporters.

Faced with the proliferation of strike action in rail transport, the health sector, the post office and supply chains or the border police, the government has already warned that it faces the possibility of resorting to the military.

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“Discussions are being held with the Ministry of Defence, so that the military will replace the ambulance crews who will be on strike, at a time when the public health system is going through an unprecedented crisis, mainly in the emergency units,” the spokesman explained.

The nursing staff will be on strike for two days in December for the first time on a national scale in more than a hundred years.

Yesterday, the PCS union called for border police members to strike at UK airports over the festive period, raising the prospect of major disruption to operations mainly at Heathrow and Gatwick.

The strike action is supporting wage demands amid inflation that has exceeded 10% and is causing a severe cost of living crisis.

If negotiations with workers are working in some businesses, they are at ground zero in many areas and the government has raised the tone in recent days.

The British Prime Minister yesterday promised the introduction of new “tough laws” to deal with the consequences of the strikes.

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