Britain deported more than 40 Albanian criminals, as well as immigrants


It is believed to be the fourth UK flight to deport Albanian nationals in less than a month

More than 40 Albanian nationals, criminals and migrants who tried to enter the United Kingdom by boat have been deported to their homeland on a special British Home Office flight, according to an exclusive report by the Daily Mail.

Specifically, the flight with 42 people on board was spotted at Tirana Mother Teresa International Airport in the Albanian capital after departing from the UK earlier on Thursday.

It included 32 criminals who had been sentenced to a total of 89 years in prison for offenses including drug trafficking and facilitating illegal entry into the country.

Also on board the plane were six asylum seekers, whose applications were rejected, and four irregular migrants. Three of those turned away had originally arrived in the country by small boat from northern France, sources said.

They were escorted by British Immigration officers and when the aircraft landed they were handed over to the Albanian police. It is estimated that it is for the fourth British flight by which Albanian nationals are deported within a period not exceeding one month.

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