Panel SA: Tourism entrepreneurs hope to see Lula overthrow Bolsonaro’s measure and return with daylight savings time


With the arrival of the new season of the year, this week, the group of business associations that defends the return of the summer time will start a new effort to press for the change in the clock.

The group says it expects that the Lula government will overturn Bolsonaro’s measure that ended daylight saving time by decree in April 2019. After being elected, the petista made a poll on Twitter about the subject.

The idea, according to Fabio Aguayo, director of CNTur, is to try to communicate with the new command of the Ministry of Mines and Energy as soon as the team is defined.

Led by CNTur (Confederação Nacional do Turismo) and other associations of events, bars and restaurants, they argue that the return can benefit tourism, extending the hours of activities related to the sector, in addition to representing an economy in electricity.

When he made the change at the beginning of his term, Bolsonaro was betting that the productivity of Brazilian workers would increase, because, according to him, daylight saving time affected the biological clock of the population.

Aguayo says that CNTur and other entities are going to launch a new campaign for the return of daylight savings time.

“The new layout has a white flag to call for tolerance after the confusion of the election. It also has an image of smiles, happy people and a glass of beer, with the words economy, jobs and fun”, says Aguayo.

Joana Cunha with Fernanda Brigatti

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