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Zelensky: “The situation in Donbas is difficult”


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Referring to the power outages, the president of Ukraine said that they continue and that about nine million people remain without electricity.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky described the situation on the Donbas front as “difficult and painful”, stressing that it requires “all the strength and concentration” of the country.

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“First of all, the issues of the front. Bakhmut, Kremina and the other regions of Donbas that require maximum strength and concentration,” the Ukrainian president said in his nightly speech.

“The situation there is difficult and painful. The occupiers are deploying all the resources at their disposal – and they are important – to achieve some kind of progress,” he said.

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Referring to power outages, he said they were continuing and about nine million people remained without power. He noted that workers repairing the network after repeated Russian attacks had reconnected many people over Christmas, but problems continued. “The situation tonight in the various regions of Ukraine is that almost nine million people are without electricity. But the number and duration of blackouts are gradually decreasing,” he added.


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