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Harry accuses Prince William of physical assault in new book


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Prince Harry says he was assaulted by his brother, Prince William, in a memoir set to be released next week, according to British newspaper The Guardian.

The newspaper reported that “Spare” —on pre-sale in Brazil with the title “O Que Sobra”, by Objetiva, from the Companhia das Letras group—reveals a discussion between the two about Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle.

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“He grabbed me by the collar, broke my cord and threw me to the ground”, wrote The Guardian newspaper, quoting an excerpt from the book in English, which can be translated like this. BBC News did not have access to a copy of “Spare”.

The memoir won’t be released until next Tuesday (10), but the Guardian said it obtained a copy amid what it called “strict pre-launch security”. Buckingham Palace has yet to respond to a request for comment.

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According to the Guardian, Harry says the row was sparked by comments Prince William made at his London home in 2019.

He says in the book, according to the newspaper, that his brother criticized his marriage to actress Meghan Markle – describing her as “difficult”, “rude” and “caustic”.

The Duke of Sussex (Harry) allegedly wrote that his brother was “parroting like a parrot the press narrative” as the argument grew more heated.

And he reportedly then described what happened next, including an alleged physical confrontation.

“He put [um copo de] water on the table, verbally insulted me and came at me. It all happened so fast. Very fast.”

“He grabbed me by the collar, snapped my cord and threw me to the ground. I fell into the dog’s food bowl, which smashed into my back, the shards cutting me. I stood there for a moment, stunned, then got up and said to him to leave.”

Martin Pengelly, the Guardian journalist who wrote the report, said he had not approached Prince William’s communications team. The reporter stated that his article is “a report on Harry’s book, which he wrote, is Harry’s account”.

“We carefully, obviously in reporting this, didn’t call it a fight because Harry says he didn’t fight back,” Pengelly explained to BBC Radio 5 Live.

Prince Harry wrote in the book that his brother urged him to fight back, and that he refused to do so, according to the Guardian — but that Prince William later appeared “repentant and apologized”.

Photographs suggest Prince Harry regularly wore a dark cord at events such as the Invictus Games and international engagements with Meghan until September 2019.

While the editors at Penguin Random House have yet to confirm whether the leaked book excerpts are genuine, Prince Harry has recently spoken out about his troubled relationship with his brother.

In the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan, Prince Harry describes a meeting he attended with his brother and father, now King Charles III, in early 2020.

Harry described the meeting, which was also attended by the late Queen Elizabeth II, as “terrifying”.

“It was frightening to see my brother yelling and screaming at me, and my father saying things that just weren’t true. And my grandmother sitting silently and kind of taking it all in,” said Harry.

The Guardian claims that, in the memoir, Prince Harry describes meeting his father, then Prince of Wales, and Prince William after the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Phillip, in April 2021.

According to the newspaper, Harry writes that his father stepped between him and his brother and said: “Please, boys, don’t make my last years a misery.”

In a trailer for an interview, which will be broadcast on January 8 ahead of the book’s release, the prince says: “I would like my father back, I would like my brother back.”

But Prince Harry tells presenter Tom Bradby of British channel ITV that “they have shown absolutely no desire to reconcile” – without making it clear, however, who are the people he is referring to.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the remarks.

The book, co-written with journalist JR Moehringer and part of a multimillion-dollar contract, was initially believed to be subject to the utmost secrecy, with few details known about its contents.

“For Harry, this is finally his story,” Penguin Random House said in a statement released in October.

“With its raw, unflinching honesty, “Spare” is a landmark publication filled with insight, revelation, self-analysis and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over pain.”

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